What We Do

Love-Water is a 501c3 that exists to prevent water borne illness, disease, and death, and to restore health and life to those without access to clean water. We believe that the basic need of water must be met in order for there to be a complete socio-economic transformation from poverty to sustainability. Our organization is built of people who are dedicated to this fight and do not accept payment for our passion. We depend on quality and meaningful relationships to help us achieve our low cost, all funds go to the field approach.

We are eager to promote Love-Water, as we believe lives are forever changed by what we do. Not only do we provide access to clean water we also partner with job skills and training centers in the communities we serve, further empowering them by opening up a global marketplace for their artisans and newly trained widows.  It is our goal to transform the impoverished areas we visit into thriving and selfsustaining groups.