Headman’s Story


My name is Jake Sherley. I didn’t always see the importance of helping those in need. After all, I work hard for what I have. It wasn’t until I was a couple years into running Thorn Clothing that something changed. I was tired of just going through the motions with the company and life. I began picking a project to help fund with sales. I started understanding that my purpose was to use my skills in order to help those in need.

In the summer of 2010 my life was changed forever. I was fortunate to go to Zambia, Africa and meet and work with the people who I had been sending funds to. There is no way I can begin to describe what it was like. Just know that you absolutely can not grasp it without seeing it, smelling it and meeting a people group in their condition. They had nothing and yet were happy. They weren’t thankful for a new car or raise at work. They were thankful and happy to wake up that day and that their family was ok. My perspectives changed that trip.

I absolutely believe that we have need here in the US and I help with a group of friends to take care of those in need here as well. We make food packs for homeless, run food and programs for an assisted living facility, provide meals to a local low-income area and provide a free laundry day in that same area.

One thing that I have learned is that the people in developing nations don’t NEED us. They will continue to get by and survive the way they always have. This past summer we visited Thomas’ house and met his beautiful family. He was so proud of his 20’x20’ adobe home. They had nothing to offer us except their smiles and hospitality. They are resilient. However, they will still be sick from unsanitary conditions and unclean water. They will still be hungry because they can’t grow crops effectively without training and water. And they will still die too young.

Knowing what I know now and have seen what I have seen, I am accountable for that and I will NOT sit silent in my house with food on shelves and water on tap. I WILL do something. If you can give me your trust and believe my story, support Love-Water and together we can save lives. Let “never thirsty again” become your driving force to help those in need.

Thank you so much!