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We, at Love-Water, are committed to helping those in real need by providing access to clean, drinkable, disease free water, and we are hopeful you will join us in this pursuit. Water is life; however, contaminated water is a global killer that is responsible for more deaths every year than all wars in history combined: 800 million people worldwide. In the amount of time it takes to read this brief letter, six people (most likely children or elderly) will perish from this preventable crisis. On behalf of Love-Water, thank you for considering contributing and helping us take care of the least among us. Charities are able to make a more powerful impact with partners like you.

Founded in 2012, Love-Water has established water wells in two elementary schools, providing clean water for the staff and children attending, as well as those inhabiting the surrounding communities. We have also provided a well to a health clinic, water systems to two orphanages, and clean water from filtration systems to over 60 families’ homes.

Building upon on our mission, Love-Water has completed various construction projects and funded an irrigation system at an agricultural training facility, which aids with food production. Love-Water believes in sustainability, so we have also begun a program for widows, which provides business training, and we provide the opportunity for job skills training to the impoverished. With our program, we have set up a sewing lab where women can produce artisan merchandise to sell at both their hometown market and in the United States. We are able to provide employment to people in need of an income, allowing them to support their families, and aid orphans within their community. We have been able to accomplish these programs with hard work and limited funding.

As a not-for-profit company, we desire to remain an organization without paid directors and where administration costs are covered by private or corporate donations. When a person donates to Love-Water, they will know that every dollar helps someone in need.

It is difficult to imagine that so many are affected by this global water crisis. While the issue is complex and immense, making a difference is actually rather easy. By partnering with Love-Water, we will provide clean water where it is needed most; as a result, those who need this most basic life necessity will get it. Together, for the first time ever, we can help sustain a higher quality of life for entire communities by providing clean water. You could touch and save the life of a frail child and allow a family to finally pursue their dreams. Plain and simple, your support makes a colossal difference.


Bottom line, it takes funding to complete our projects in the field. A BioSand Filter provides clean water to a family in need indefinitely for $100. A well project begins at $7,000, depending on the size of the project, and can mean a school full of healthy students or an orphanage helping their children begin a life healthy and successful life. The list below describes ways you and your company can partner with us to provide health and life to people in need.

Event Sponsor/Underwriter

Love-Water hosts 3 to 4 events a year. There are hard costs associated with these fundraising events. We attempt to get as much donated as possible, but we do incur costs.  Your support in covering these costs, which are carefully weighed for each event, would be greatly appreciated.  With your support and sponsorships, our events can see increased success as well as maintain a “100% model,” meaning that all public donations go to work for those that we serve.  We do publicly advertise for our supporters.

Retail/Services/Restaurant Partner

We would love to have committed partnerships with the ability to donate goods, services or certificates for our events and silent auctions. This is a real way for us to raise funding while keeping our organization volunteer based.  It’s great advertising for your company, and for a good cause.

Funding Partnerships

Monthly Support- A simple commitment of X amount of dollars to be used by Love-Water where needed most could benefit several families.  By pledging this support, your company is saving lives.

Project Support- You determine what type of project(s) you would like to fund.  You could commit to sponsoring annual BioSand Filter installations, pump repair or borehole installation.  Some schools, orphanages and heath clinics have been funded in large part due to our partners’ generous support.

Offer Payroll Deduction- Allow your employees to have a direct deduction sent to Love-Water from their paychecks.  There is much pride in a workplace that supports others together.

Offer Donation Matching- After allowing your employees the opportunity to give to Love-Water either by way of payroll deduction or by quarterly campaigns, your company pledges a certain percentage to increase their donations.  Fundraising can be a blast, so feel free to be creative!

Other Partnerships

Info/Merch table at a company event or lunch hour- We would love to come to a company picnic or lunch hour to share what we do and tell real stories of how we have given hope to thousands of people.

Storefront/Office room donation collection display- When a company loves who they support, it only makes sense to share with its patrons. Let us put out a little display with Water/Donation Jug to “Change the World.”  It takes less than $1 a day to give one family clean water forever.  How many families will our jug support?

Travel Partner

We understand that busy people can’t always afford the time to travel to complete our projects with us. You can however, support a staff member to go. Since, we do not use public funds to pay for our travel expenses, it becomes burdensome on staff to personally fund our trips every year. We have an increasing amount of interest to go into other areas geographically and this can’t be done without support in this area.


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